Clean Room

“Clean rooms” are rooms with controlled pollution parameters, used for laboratory purposes or production of advanced materials.

In a clean room, all elements shall harmonise with each other in order to maintain the appropriate degree of cleanliness. A raised floor is also responsible for proper air ventilation. For this purpose, TIM-EX company has developed the first Polish flooring system dedicated to “clean rooms” – CRF (CleanRoomFloors).

TIMEX Rozwiązania do Clean Room
TIMEX Rozwiązania do Clean Room


The system is made of steel panels with perforations of more than 42%. Thanks to this the air flow is laminar and allows removal of all impurities.


The panel is supported by 4 steel pedestals connected with specially screwed steel profiles. The entire system has been tested in accordance with EN 12825 and has reached load-bearing capacity class 5 (5kN/point).


The floor is finished with a PVC Colorex EC floor covering made by Forbo. It has obtained all the necessary certificates and approvals confirming the possibility of using it in clean rooms.


The system has received the prestigious CSM (Clean Room Suitable Materials) certificate of the German Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, confirming compliance with the ISO standard in class 4, as well as the PZH hygienic certificate.

Clean Room Floors

floors for rooms with controlled air purity parameters

Examples of raised floors projects for clean room: