Raised floors are an essential part of any modern office building today. Following parameters are crucial when selecting the proper solution: acoustics, moisture resistance, stability and load-bearing capacity.

Our proposed solution is a floor made of integral gypsum produced by Knauf Integral type EHB. Over the last 16 years we have delivered ca 1,800,000 m2 of them to office buildings all over the country and abroad.

TIMEX Rozwiązania do biur
TIMEX Rozwiązania do biur

High density

1,500 kg/m3 – this parameter delivers high rigidity and excellent acoustic properties. It gives great comfort to the users moving on these floors.

Resistance to humidity

Gypsum is a material that, unlike chipboard, does not swell under the influence of moisture. As a result, it does not swell and does not start to creak, which in the case of chipboard can lead to the need to replace them.

Load-bearing capacity

This floor has a point strength of 2 to 4 kN, which delivers a load-bearing capacity of between 1,000 kg/m2 and 2,000 kg/m2. Even several years later, these panels retain their parameters and dimensions, which makes them an excellent investment and saves many costs in the future.


  •  EHB 30 green – This floor is dedicated to office space. It is perfect for concealing installations, and also allows easy arrangement and rearrangement of space.
  • EHB 18 – This floor is the thinnest floor available on the market. It allows you to install a fully usable floor at a height of as little as 4 cm.
  • EHB 36 green – This floor, being slightly thicker than the EHB 28, is dedicated to spaces with higher load bearing and fire resistance requirements. It is perfect for archives, safe rooms or warehouses.

Knauf Integral

raised access floors of integral gypsum

Examples of raised floors for offices: