Hollow raised floors perfectly work in auditorial solutions. We are able to manufacture platforms, cinema halls, auditoriums, sports stands, concert and theatre rooms in an easy and economical way.

Our proposal of the solution is the use of the Knauf Integral FHB hollow floor. Using tongue-and-groove joints, they create a smooth surface to which chairs can be easily attached. The surface  can be finished with any material.

TIMEX Rozwiązania do adytorium
TIMEX Rozwiązania do adytorium

Easy to install

The installation of the hollow floor is fast and dry. The system is assembled from ready-made elements – FHB-type panels made by Knauf Integral together with steel structure.

Load-bearing capacity and height

The entire system withstands a load of 2,500 kg/m2 even at a height of 200cm. It provides the possibility of obtaining very high and stable structures.

Free shape

Using the FHB auditorium system, we are able to give any shape the room. We prepare such elements as arches, stairs, ramps and vertical structures.


The FHB auditorial system is made of completely non-flammable materials with fire resistance up to REI 60. This delivers a high level of safety for this solution in public spaces such as cinemas, theatres and universities.

Knauf Integral

hollow floors with tongue-and-groove joint

Examples of raised floors projects for the auditorium:

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