Server Room

The server room is one of the most important rooms in modern buildings. In addition to computers and air conditioning, a suitable raised floor is also important. In choosing the right solution, we pay attention to safety and durability.

Our solution is a raised floor made by the German company Knauf Integral, with an integral gypsum core, finished with an electrostatic covering to ensure proper electrical charge dissipation.

TIMEX Rozwiązania do serwerowni
TIMEX Rozwiązania do serwerowni

Load-bearing capacity

This system provides a very high load capacity of up to 3 tons/m2. This allows the floor to carrythe heaviest switchgears. We can also create dedicated frames for devices syand easily rise the load in the future, if we are not able to predict what will be put on the floor.

Fire safety

These floors are non-flammable in class A1 and have fire resistance up to REI 60.


The reinforced construction provides high floor stability, load-bearing capacity and fire resistance even at a height of 200 cm.


We can supply additional components such as ventilation grilles and cable ducts with the prescribed fire resistance together with this system.

Knauf Integral

raised access floors of integral gypsum

Examples of raised access floors for server rooms: