The cast floors produced by Lafarge Polska are modern AGILIA SOLS A systems dedicated to surfaces with a varied finishing. They work perfectly in office spaces finished with carpet, but thanks to a uniform surface they allow any layer to be applied, providing users with the possibility to make their choice later on. The use of inspection openings made of EHB 36 panels in the floor enable access to the underfloor space extremely easy.

Suggested uses:

office premises

buildings with underfloor heating

Possible floor finishing:


gres tiles

Barlinek board


Technical card

Technical data

Technical data

Compressive strength class in accordance with PN-EN 13813:


Bending strength class according to PN-EN 13813:


Thermal conductivity factor:

λ = 1.6 – 2.0 [W/m*K]


2200±100 kg/m3

Thermal expansion factor:

0.012–0.015 [mm/m*K]

Flexural modulus during bending:

15,000 MPa

Time of screed processing (from loading in the production plant):

Approx. 4h

PH range for wet screed:

over 7

Swelling after 28 days of hardening:

0.19 [mm/m]

Fire protection

Reaction to fire according to PN – EN 13501 part 1:


Fire resistance according to PN – EN 13501 part 2:

REI 90 (up to 20 cm of height gross)